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Guillaume Maillard Column


  O r g a n i z a t i o n :: Who are us...

The organization tables is a place where project members show their activities. This list is under constant modification.

››» Management
Name Country Function
Guillaume Maillard France Team Leader
Kenneth Zhang USA Project Manager
Cédric Degéa France List Administrator
James Atwill Canada CVS Administrator
Aaron Murray USA Forum Administrator
Michael Vinícius de Oliveira Brazil Webmaster/Webdesigner

››» Team Members
Name Country Team
Brice Wernet France Media Kit
Camille Lafitte France Media Kit
Eric Petit France  
Frans Van Nispen Netherlands M.I.A.
Hatem Ben Yacoub Tunisia  
Lenny Kudling Germany Storage Kit
Martin Handl Canada Kernel Kit
Matt Thomson Australy Interface Kit
Max Kovgan Israel Storage Kit
Michael Weichert Canada Application Kit
Paul Balez France Support Kit
Stefan Werner Germany Kernel Kit
Trevor Woerner Canada Network Kit
Victor Palma Mexico Network Kit


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