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~ 2003 ~

[May-22-2003]  by Guillaume Maillard
The demo CD had a better success than we imagined, 2 mirrors went down due to the huge bandwidth used. The stats shows more than 5000 downloads.
An other good surprise of these last 4 weeks is the important and very positive feedback from the BeOS community.
Two new coders joined us and received a full CVS access. The first one released some days later
BeFree, a BeOS clone based on the FreeBSD kernel under GPL&LGPL license. I don't know if BeFree will try to reuse our code or not,but its Kernel Kit has some similarities. If the goal is to opensource our code, it's useless and irrelevant, we already mentioned that B.E.OS will be opensource (you will be allowed to see the source code, modify it, patch it, distribute the changes), but if the goal is to 'be inspired' by what we code and recreate something 'new', we will happy to see that it could help a bit. Our second new membler, Bogdan, is now working with Victor on the Network kit, which will reached soon the 'fully completed' state.

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