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~ 2004 ~

[May-02-2004]  by Guillaume Maillard
After weeks of effort, OpenTracker compilation and linking is done. It doesn't mean that we have a working OpenTracker but means that we have all that we need in the source tree to make it run. (the first run crashed after 1 second due to a bug in the Storage Kit...). Some stubs have to be implemented, kits to be polished and bugs killed with rage, I'm confident. Sourceforge still don't answer emails and savannah is still closed because of security reasons... We hope to reach a new milestone soon. The bar that is raised to the heights ! To be continued...

[Feb-14-2004]  by Guillaume Maillard
When we took the decision to put B.E.OS under LGPL license, I thought that to make available the B.E.OS source code would be a question of hours. I tried to create a 'savannah.gnu.org' and a sourceforge.net account. No news.
The funny part of the subscription was seeing the huge number a calculator project on sourceforge (>100)...
So I still don't know when I will be able to find a public host for the work of this last 2 years. Don't ask me where is innovation in a calculator application.

~ 2003 ~

[December-21-2003]  by Guillaume Maillard
Seeing the lack of new members joining the project in the last 6 months, I considered a complete switch to a full opensource mode under LGLP license. Now it's offcial, B.E.OS is under LGPL license.
To more details about this decision, read my column.
We will soon open a CVS server (fully available to public) and post information about it (access, setup, patch submission...).

[June-26-2003]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
Guillaume Maillard reports that the result of his last work on fonts. Now we have a better font rendering. He fixed the font kerning (the space between the letters). The new screenshot shows the maturity of our font & widget rendering. And one more screenshot! :). The NetKit is still on the road of finalization, its final version is for soon.

[May-22-2003]  by Guillaume Maillard
The demo CD had a better success than we imagined, 2 mirrors went down due to the huge bandwidth used. The stats shows more than 5000 downloads.
An other good surprise of these last 4 weeks is the important and very positive feedback from the BeOS community.
Two new coders joined us and received a full CVS access. The first one released some days later BeFree, a BeOS clone based on the FreeBSD kernel under GPL&LGPL license. I don't know if BeFree will try to reuse our code or not, but it's Kernel Kit has some similarities. If the goal is to opensource our code, it's useless and irrelevant, we already mentioned that B.E.OS will be opensource (you will be allowed to see the source code, modify it, patch it, distribute the changes), but if the goal is to 'be inspired' by what we code and recreate something 'new', we will happy to see that it could help a bit. Our second new member, Bogdan, is now working with Victor on the Network kit, which will reached soon the 'fully completed' state.

[April-18-2003]  by Guillaume Maillard
The final demo CD is out, its final size is 106MB. We now have a decent number of mirrors, try it out.

[April-14-2003]  by Guillaume Maillard
Ladies and gentlemen: here is our first demo boot CD. It's based in Knoppix distro. Inside, you have our kernel_server + libroot.so, app_server + libbe.so and storage kit! The iso file is ready, we just need some days to find a host for such big file (120MB). The B.E.OS files themselves are very small, the CD space is filled by all the drivers (audio, video, usb, etc...). In parallel, we will release the B.E.OS components separately very soon.

[March-27-2003]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
New year with a new design. Here I am working hard in order to do a website that resembles the old Be, Inc. site. But as I like Gonx too much, I mixed "Be website style" and "Gonx style". And here it is. Very cool, you agree? Please post your comments, ideas, bugs and errors reports to me.

[March-27-2003]  by Fernando Fernandes Neto
Finally I finished BMessage, and I'm making hard tests on it to improve it's stability. Perhaps the RemoveData and RemoveName might contain some implementation errors that can be easily fixed, but I'm not sure if it's bugged. I'm writting tons of test codes for it...

[January-07-2003]  by Guillaume Maillard
I committed my changes in our new app_server. It includes the native window managing. It opens a new windows, which will later be fullscreen and draw all the windows in it. It still has some issues, due to a lack of clipping (that's why it's slow). I hope that Tobe could help to solve it as he did on the past. I also added keyboard and mouse management, then you can play BePuyo in our native window managing now.


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