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Choosing the license for BlueEyedOS was a big conscern. The BlueEyedOS license is none of the following: GPL, LGPL, MIT or BSD. Parts of the OS, like the Linux kernel, are under the GPL; those parts will remain under the GPL license. Currently, nobody in the team has written the license in a polished form. The main reason for this is lack of free time.
With this license, we hope that:

the source code stays owned by its authors
nobody makes money selling our source code
commercial companies develop for BlueEyesOS

GPL was excluded to allow commercial application development (they would be free to link with our libraries). LGPL and BSD-like were excluded to avoid commercial use of our work (done for fun and because we want to see and use a OS as we do). What we want to control is the evolution of the OS. We hope to avoid 'forks' and parallel evolution of parts of the OS. This phenomenon is becoming more and more common in the GPL world. In the GPL world, wide branches are created where people, or companies, change or extend software without submitting the changes back to the original project.

We are not religious or humanist people, here is what is restricted or not:
You are free to use, distribute, and provide them with your software (commercial or not). You can provide a portion of the BlueEyedOS but are required to mention it and not change it's name.
Source code
The source code is owned by the BlueEyedOS development team. You are not allowed to reuse or modify it in any way. If you want to improve or modify the source code you must do it as an accepted member of the BlueEyedOS project.

During the development process, only BlueEyedOS developers have access to the CVS. If required we could open it, but today we do not believe it is necessary.
The complete source code will becone opensourced as soon as the B.E.OS version 1.0 is released.
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