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  P r o j e c t :: Planning and building

BlueEyedOS is based on a Linux kernel (not on a distribution) and a basic XFree86 (XWindow system). With these 2 components, we have already the "equivalent" of the BeOS kernel and accelerated OpenGL.

For the network part, Linux networks will be integrated. And for developers, Sun provides Java and GNU provides GCC and a lot of "must have" tools, like powerful debugger and high performance compilers.

We are developing:
a complete and coherent organization;
a graphical user interface in the spirit of BeOS: fast and multithreaded;
graphical applications to use the "basic components" like devices, user preferences, network, etc;
new APIs compatibles with BeOS, but with some improvement;
a new "structure". An architecture providing a flexible OS which can boot quickly and uses servers.

Like BeOS, the BlueEyedOS API is composed of kits (BeOS source compatible kits).


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