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  G e t  I n v o l v e d :: Give life to BlueEyeOS

››» Overview
We are always looking for a few dedicated and talent individuals who can make a difference to help us success in this project. Remember, contributions are not limited to engineering skills. We are also want help in documentation, project management, testing and many more, just to mention a few. Soon, we will post a list of things we need specially help on here.

››» How To Contribute
If you want to become a contributor, please send us e-mail with a brief summary of what you want to contribute, which you are, how many time you can work on it... to Guillaume Maillard.

››» Needed Things
In order to develop, you will need time and a Linux environment with:
Linux Kernel: version 2.4.x;
XFree86: version 4.2 (or higher) with a 24 or 32 bits display;
FreeType: version 2.x and libJpeg installed;
Internet Conection: for CVS access.


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