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  B l u e E y e d O S ::

BlueEyedOS is a BeOS-inspired operating system powered by a Linux kernel.

The BlueEyedOS APIs are BeOS APIs rewritten with some improvements. The main goal is to create a new platform for BeOS developers. All you need is to recompile your BeOS apps. Linux developers will be able to find here a complete set of functionalities developed for consistency.

featured article: Transfer of Power

BlueEyedOS is optimized to get very good performance with hardware and software, having fantastic speed, stability in a desktop environment without breaking the server abilities of Linux.

N e w s :: Latest information

OpenTracker on the road

BlueEyedOS under LGPL

Fixed font kerning

After the explosion...

BMessage completed

Notes ::

Interview with Guillaume Maillard
"I recently had the pleasure of conducting an e-mail interview with Guillaume Maillard of the BlueEyedOS project."
- TotallyBe

Interview With Guillaume Maillard of B.E.OS. Project
"XFree can be fast, when you know how to directly program for it."
- OSNews

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