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  A r c h i v e :: Archiving progresses

~ 2002 ~

[December-24-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
Happy Christmas!
We promised a first developer release, but we were only able to deliver a minimal one for Christmas, my apologies. If only we had 3 or 4 more coders, the app_server could be complete. It's just a question of time now. I'm working hard on the native part of the app_server, it's close to completion. In less than 2 months, you will be able to test it and play BePuyo with our native window managing system. It will still be a developer release, but 'experimeted' Linux users will enjoy to play with it and coders could start writing code using the B'loved API.
Stay tuned!

[December-13-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
A little christmas gift: Downloads section had startup, and inside a binary called "BlueEyedOS kernel_server+libroot.so" to your fun. Please note that this is the first beta avaliable to download, then we will provide more things to test soon. If you preffer alpha things, you could see alpha blending of BePuyo working well here. An Interviews section also is avaliable now! Do you want see our answers to the community? Click here!

[November-24-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
Simple games are often the best. In this category, the game I preffer is BePuyo. It appeared on BeBits.com months ago. I even helped a bit his author to make it a little more stable in order to be able to play more :) . Because a BlueEyedOS without BePuyo is not a BlueEyedOS! I took some hours to fix some bugs and implements some new things in the new app_server. Now it works, see this screenshot. BePuyo was recompiled without changes in your code.

[November-12-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
Hi all! News from BMenu: look at here. It's an initial release, but a working BMenu. I fixed a lot of things. Please note that this is a huge step towards being able to port BeOS apps to our OS. Now also BButon work as expected when you click and go out of the button (I implemented a basic "mouse tracking").

[November-02-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
TEAMS update! Now, we have validated the team & thread mechanisms, and it will register team and add new thread-to-thread & team table, reports Martin Handl. With this code, 90% of kernel_server is ok! What's more, the new app_server made a new step: the new font rendering is now working as expected. The quality was improved. See this screenshot.

[October-10-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
Today Guillaume Maillard posted in OSNews an interesting article about how increase XFree86 speed. He also did some examples to show how it is possible. As XFree is our graphical server (working with our own app_server), probably will be crystal clear to BeOS community.

[October-04-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
Status report of the day!
Because we have no news from Lazlo Kollar, aka Kagura (who did 99% of the Storage Kit), Guillaume Maillard took few minutes to fix crash issues in the Storage Kit showed by 'TestStorage'. All is not OK, but mkdirs is working better now. Maybe should Guillaume and Kagura reassign it.
In our CVS, the BApplication fails, it's "normal" because it needs functions of the Kernel Kit, which are no yet working (aka retrieve the team_id). Martin Handl will correct that soon.

[September-26-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
First skeleton of the new app_server in the CVS. It's far from something complete but I like it's behaviour. There are no input handling (mouse, key, refresh) and I have to fix a race condition, but it draws line, rect, ellipse... but no strings (it's the part of Michael Weichert!!). There is only the X11 rendering, drawing operations must be fixed before include the native window managing done by Tobe, IMHO. If you press Enter in the app_server console you will see debug info (and that the resource management is working). The Application Kit will be my main job now.

[September-19-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
FAQ updated! News and older questions made by whole community in several months replied by Guillaume Maillard. These questions were brought from BeOS related sites like OSNews and TotallyBe. I will go write more contents in website, when possible.

[September-13-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
Some days back, several BeOS related sites, posted some words about our project. The TotallyBe interviewed Guillaume Maillard. OSNews, posted some comments about us, and a complete article about Guillaume interview. The BeOSJournal also reported our updates. Thanks to all that believe in our job! I will post some screenshots soon! Stay tuned...

[September-02-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
New changes in website! The status page was moved into "Project" section. Because of this, the kernel and interface information pages have been deleted. Two new sections: Screenshots and News Archives to you view our progress and the history of this huge project, and, of course, some fixes and also improvements in the design.

[August-12-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
Today, it's the official day of the creation of our new app_server (previously mentioned as the new architecture of the app_server).
The current app_server works, it was not a prototype, but small changes are needed in order to make it works with both our own window managing system and the X11 one. The code itself will not change a lot, the main differences are:
> a full C++ implementation
> a conception allowing a full OpenGL implementation
> increasing of control and log of error
> new integrity check
> new cleanups
> more comments
It will help Michael Weichert to integrate the font rendering, a skeleton of a FontManager is "on the road".

[August-08-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
New website feature: Status page. Now you can see our constants progress and have an idea of where we are going. Click in About section and then select Status in menu on left to contemplate several months of hard work. I also did some changes in the current design and fixed bugs that appeared.

[August-05-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
News in the CVS:
> BTextView: it comes from the original code of BeOS DR8 which was put to freeware, before it's author integrated Be, Inc. This BTextView was very different of the BeOS 5 one, I improved it a lot in order to make it behave the normal behavior and fit the BeOS API. I didn't have time to make a lot of tests, because we have to wait a full implementation of BFont rendering from Michael Weichert.
> BRegion: a basic BRegion implementation, 2 methods are missing; I will complete them, soon.
> BClipboard, BCursor, BScrollView, BScrollBar: are mainly "stubs", I have only coded the "easy" part of them. It was needed in order to solve missing symbols and make work BTextView.
I hope that I didn't forget something! ;).

[July-26-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
Wanted! MATT THOMSON & LASZLO KOLLAR! Please enter in contact with Guillaume Maillard, because he says that your e-mail address is wrong and can't replay your requests. We want you in our project, and then communicate Guillaume faster possible!

[July-11-2002]  by Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
Hello all! I'm the new Webmaster/Webdesigner of the BlueEyedOS! Thanks to Guillaume. Thanks to Kenneth Zhang too. The design of the website is excellent. I'm doing some changes in the current design and standardizing it. Few improvements were done. The code of the page is more organized and spelled, for example. There are many things still to do. Please report any bugs that you find to me and/or Kenneth Zhang.

[June-13-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
No great announce today, BlueEyedOS is still on the long road of bug fixes. Only 2 new classes appeared: BMessageFilter & BAlert. The compilation of OpenTracker always shows us "undefined symbols", but BMenu related classes are the main cause.
We are thinking about a binary release soon, which would contain:
> The kernel_server + libroot.so
> The app_server + libbe.so + libtranslation.so
> Small "Demos"
If the Network Kit is completed, Muscle and BeShare could be in the "pack", we will see; and if (luckily) the new architecture of the app_server is ready...
New developpers are always welcome!

[May-05-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
Status report of the day! Use our forum is you need more explanations.
> app_server/Interface Kit: New drawing functions were added in libbe.so & app_server, you can see ellipses on the new working widget: BRadioButton (screenshot here). The current class in development is BTextView! Nice progress too on the native part of the app_server, we will be able to merge it with the main app_server
> XML Kit & Network Kit: on the road! First stable version before the end of this month if Massimiliano is not too busy.
> Storage Kit: some bug fix on BDirectory.

[April-09-2002]  by Kenneth Zhang
Here's the new redesign of the web site that everyone have being waiting for. Thanks for your patience. *BIG Thanks to Otavio Pliger, because I combined some of his layout ideas with mines.* I finally fixed the aggressive colors that Guillaume was pointing out in the mailing list. I didn't know because this is my first time using my laptop for my design where the color depth is so different compared to a CRT monitor. I learned my lesson. From now on, I'm going to use an external monitor with my laptop. Please report any bugs you find to Kenneth Zhang.

[February-27-2002]  by Guillaume Maillard
Our apologies for these 3 months of silence because we are busy redesigning our new website. A complete status update will be coming soon. At the same time, our developers are working hard writing their codes.
We have two screenshots (screenshot 1 and screenshot 2) to show to everyone. You can do your own conclusion now. Hints: We are not coding a BeOS skin for Gnome, even thought we are developing under X11. See second screenshot for yourself. We would like to remind you that we truly believe that we will (and need to) rewrite what is not good on Linux (UI, Media...) and improve things by adding the support of BeOS things like it's API and functionalities (FS, Media...). Be patient.

~ 2001 ~

[November-15-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
A first (and very lite) version of the app_server available on the CVS server!

[November-10-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
A nice screenshot by Frans van Nispen of our (working) UI classes running on the original (BeOS) app_server.

[November-02-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
CVS server online!

[October-25-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
Interview on OSNews!

[September-11-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
A first version libroot.so available on the member section.

[September-02-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
Perforce server online!

[August-22-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
Mailing list opened and member section updated.

[August-18-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
FAQ updated.

[August-16-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
Palm Acquires Assets and Hires Key Talent From Be.

[August-05-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
FAQ has been updated.

[July-01-2001]  by Guillaume Maillard
The BlueOS project is born!


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