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  S c r e e n s h o t s :: Showing the dream

As our kernel and others kits of project are nearly of finished, we are moving fast in order of provide, in short time, a clean and fast system to day-to-day use. Here, we show to you your next Operating System!

Font Kerning This is the patched font kerning. With a new algoritm, the rendering issues was improved, which show the maturity of our font & widget rendering.

BMenu Initial release of our BMenu!

New Font Rendering New font rendering in action!

New app_server New app_server running!

BRadioButton BlueEyedOS BRadioButton working!

BlueEyedOS GUI New forms to see again our beloved interface.

BlueEyedOS GUI A BlueEyedOS GUI working among Linux terminals.

BlueEyedOS GUI BlueEyedOS UI classes running on BeOS app_server.


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